Hi, my name is Jim Bob Aiken. Yes, both Jim and Bob. Don't ask me--my parents started it. I'm a freelance audio engineer based in Raleigh, NC. My services include location recording, mixing, mastering, production, and computer audio troubleshooting. I also play drums and guitar, and create music using my computer.

I enjoy working with other musicians in order to produce an honest representation of the music as heard in the minds of its creators. Whether your project is simple or very involved, I can help you realize it.

jimbob, circa 1980
me, circa 1980

Check out some examples of music I have worked on and get in touch with me to let me know how I can help you make the recording you have always wanted to make.

* News: *

Updates to the site have been slow over the last year, but that doesn't mean I haven't worked on anything! This site is awaiting a re-design, but in the meantime I have updated my credits list. Check it out to see what I've been up to over the last year.

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